Day 35

Bigfoot!Today seemed very normal. I made a conscious effort to drink at least 8 glasses of water. When I had my first bowel movement there was a lot of it! As you can see this puppy is pretty huge and is only 30% of what came out of me.
The Zebra!

As I was modeling the first turd I noticed the part that came towards the end. It was a little soft and looked normal at that instant. But I decided to dissect this unpleasantly smelly piece and made a discovery. See those black things? (If you dare to click on this picture you can definitely see what I’m talking about. ) I’ve seen those black pieces before but I always thought it was apart of something I ate the night before. I assumed it was something along the lines of seaweed. But I didn’t eat anything like that recently. As I looked at it closer it was just these black pieces and if I had to make an educated guess I’d say these are the toxins that has been building up in my intestines! This may be the best proof of the effectiveness of Colonix! Unless I have these analyzed I can’t say for sure what these are. I tried breaking the black pieces apart but they were pretty resilient. Anyone have other theories?

My second bm may just disprove my theory. The turds in that set were mixed. There were remnants of a salad I ate last night in addition to what looked like dark leafy looking pieces (sorry no pictures). So basically what I saw in my first bm could of been part of the salad as well.