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Day 64

Monday, August 21st, 2006

I have to admit it’s been a rough day. I didn’t have any bowel movements today and that hasn’t happened in months. I feel like “crap!” I thought I would gradually go back to my old ways but this is sudden. So I was thinking one reason maybe that my system is now reliant on Colonix. I really hope not!

Update:  I had a little ball come out of me late tonight.  So I guess my streak of at least one bm everyday for the past few months still stand!

Day 63

Sunday, August 20th, 2006

I won’t lie to you.  I felt a little bloated today.  But after my 2nd bowel movement I didn’t have that feeling any more!  Again, my energy was pretty high and I felt great!  FYI.  I did go to the gym yesterday after a long hiatus.  I feel the hurt all over my body today!

Day 62

Saturday, August 19th, 2006

Only went to the bathroom once today and I was a little constipated. I guess that Kleritea stuff really works!  Oh, and my energy level was high today.

Day 61

Friday, August 18th, 2006

For the next five days I’m taking the recommended break from the Paranil pills and Kleritea.  This will be a nice break.  Had four bowel movements today.

Day 60

Thursday, August 17th, 2006

Had three bowel movements today…shocker!  Nothing really new to report.

Day 59

Wednesday, August 16th, 2006

Big & FatSo here are at day 59.  Had to drop off the kids twice today but it was all good.  Today’s poops were really like the old style where they looked rubber-like.  Although the elasticity wasn’t as strong as it use to be they are trying to make a come back.  The sample is to your left.  Enjoy!

Day 58

Tuesday, August 15th, 2006

Nothing exciting happened today. Had the usual three bm’s.  I’m looking forward to that five day break coming up!

Day 57

Monday, August 14th, 2006

Had two bm’s today.  A lot came out on the first one and it felt great!  I guess it’s because I had a lot to eat yesterday.  Carry on.

Day 56

Sunday, August 13th, 2006

It’s funny how my body reacts when I’m out and about versus when I stay at home.  Today, for example, I was up pretty early and on the go all day to the evening.  I only had to use the bathroom once after lunch.  It seems like a lot came out because it wanted to come out but didn’t.

When I’m at home I’ll use the bathroom three times a day on average.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not complaining.  I’d rather have it that way than the opposite.

Day 55

Saturday, August 12th, 2006

The Three Stool-gesI had the usual three bowel movements today. But in my first bm, unusually found some of those black bad boys like I did in Day 35 so I had to check them out. There seemed to be a handful of them scattered throughout the wasteland. I started taking some of them out to get a closer look. These were different from the Day 35 specimen’s because they were thicker. The two smaller pieces are about 1 cm in length. Also, these puppies were hard! Not rock solid but hard enough to resist my chopsticks when I pressed them. I was trying to think of yesterdays meals but couldn’t think of anything remotely resembling that. I wonder what they are.